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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare Online Training - Simplilearn


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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare Online Training - Simplilearn


Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare is an industry-specific course on the application of Lean Six Sigma in a Healthcare setting. This course will provide a practical understanding on how to effectively use the methodology and tools, to improve projects in a healthcare environment. It also highlights examples, case studies and a sample project to reinforce and provide insight on the enhancements that are possible by implementing Lean Six Sigma.

The course offered by Simplilearn includes only online training. The courseware includes case studies and relevant examples for better understanding of the key concepts.


The Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare course will enhance the skills and expertise of the following professionals:

• Quality Manager

• Quality Analyst

• Lean Consultant

• Quality Assurance

• Quality Control

• Healthcare Professionals

• Community Health Workers

This course can also be taken by other aspirants and students who wish to gain a thorough understanding of the application of Lean Six Sigma in the Healthcare sector and want to apply the methodologies and quality control process within their organization or in the community.


The prerequisites for the course:

• Completion of Green Belt training

• At least 2–3 years of work experience in any niche sector


At the end of Simplilearn’s training in Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare, you will be able to:

• Discuss common challenges in Healthcare settings.

• Understand a sample project through the entire process of conducting an improvement project, from Define phase to Control phase.

• Demonstrate through the use of the relevant sample project how to apply the methodology and use some of the tools.

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Module 1 – Introduction
• Course Introduction
Module 2 – Pre-Project Steps

• How To Recognize a Potential Project

• How To Get Buy-In

• How To Scope a Project

• Importance of Project Management

• Case Study

• Quiz

• Summary Conclusion

Module 3 – Defining the Problem

• How To Build a SIPOC

• Choosing a Project Team

• Crafting a Problem Statement

• Understanding the Impact

• Flushing Out the Causes

• Case Study

• Quiz

• Summary

Module 4 – Measurement

• Process Mapping

• Data Collection

• Useful Measurement Tools

• Case Study

• Quiz

• Summary

Module 5 – Analyze

• Importance of Analyze Phase

• Data Validation

• The Cause and Effect Relationship

• Data Analysis

• Case Study

• Quiz

• Summary

Module 6 - Improve

• Techniques to Generate Solutions

• Evaluate, Select, and Prioritize

• Develop and Implement Solutions

• Case Study

• Quiz

• Summary

Module 7 - Control

• Lock in Performance Gains

• Standardize the Process

• Statistical Process Control

• Improvement Implementation

• Finalize the Project

• Case Study

• Quiz

• Summary

Module 8 – Putting it all Together

• Objectives

• Module Overview

• DMAIC Process

• Sample Project

• Bed Capacity Problem at Mercy West Hospital

• Summary

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