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Julia Programming Course - Simplilearn


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Julia Programming Course - Simplilearn


The online Julia course is aimed at beginners and intermediates to guide them through the installation process and basic concepts of Julia. The course covers variables, strings, operators, loops, arrays, lists, etc. to give you a thorough understanding of Julia.The latter half of the Julia training course deals with the file IO reading, directories, error handling, and other advanced features of Julia.


The Julia training course is designed for beginners and intermediates who have a basic understanding of programming concepts and are enthusiastic about learning a new, high-performance, dynamic language.


After completing this online certification course on Julia, you will gain the following:

• Acquire an understanding of Julia terminologies

• Install Julia successfully

• Learn about variables, strings, logical operators, arrays, functions, data types, dictionaries, loops, list comprehensions, scope, and modules

• Read and write IO files

• Dive into meta programming

• Handle errors efficiently

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Module 1 – Introduction
• Course Introduction
Module 2 – Part 1 - Language Fundamentals

• Part Introduction

• What is Julia

• Julialang

• Installing Julia

• Variables

• Strings

• Logical Operators

• Arrays

• Function1

• Function2

• Function3

• Types

• Dictionaries

• Loops

• List Comprehensions

• Scope

• Modules

Module 3 – Part 2 - Advanced Topics

• Part 2 Introducing

• File IO – Reading

• File IO Directories

• File IO - Writing To Files

• Macros

• Meta Programming And Symbols

• Performance Tips

• Error Handling 1

• Error Handling 2

• Multiple Dispatch

Module 4 – Conclusion

• Course summary

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