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jQuery is one of today’s most popular JavaScript web application development frameworks and libraries.

The course can get you started with jQuery quickly and easily. It will help to make your web sites will be more dynamic and lively.

This course is for developers and professionals who wish to make highly interactive websites with minimum code

· Basic Knowledge about HTML scripting.

· Basic knowledge and skill in JavaScript.

This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

· How to use the jQuery framework

· The basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how they apply to jQuery and its functions

· Fundamentals like selectors, the DOM, and event handling with running code recipes

· How to make your web sites more dynamic using rich code templates

· How to apply animation effects to your web sites using jQuery code recipes

· How to develop Ajax applications using jQuery

· How to use jQuery utility functions

· How to extend jQuery with plug-ins and their types


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· Installing jQuery

· Selecting Nodes in the DOM

· Delaying the Execution of JavaScript

· Applying CSS to Elements

· Selecting a Non-Standard Series of HTML Elements

· Obtaining the HTML of an Element

· Changing the Content of a DOM Node

· Creating a DOM Node on the Fly

· Assigning the Same Class Name to Different HTML

· Elements and Applying Styles to Them

Exercise: Installing the development Environment

· Displaying Names in a List Using Arrays

· Manipulating Array Elements

· Filtering Arrays to Show Desired Data Only

· Exercise: Displaying Customer Info

· Sorting String and Numerical Arrays

· Splitting an Array

· Combining Two Arrays

· Converting a Numerical Array into a String and Finding its Substring

· Creating an Array of Objects

· Sorting an Array of Objects

· Exercise: Bubble Sort

· Finding Out Which Button Is Clicked

· Triggering Events Automatically

· Disabling a Button After It Is Clicked Once

· Handling Mouse Events

· Finding Out Which Mouse Button Is Pressed

· Finding the Screen Coordinates of a Mouse-Button Press

· Highlighting Text Dynamically

· Making an Image Bright and Blurred with Mouse Movements

· Finding When an Element Gains and Loses Focus

· Applying Hover Effects on Buttons

· Exercise: User Entry Form

· Toggling the Application of a CSS Class

· Creating Image-Based Rollovers

· Adding and Removing Text in Response to Events

· Applying Styles in Response to Events

· Displaying Word Balloons

· Creating “Return to Top” Links

· Offering “Read More...” links

· Displaying Text with an Animation Effect

· Replacing Text with a Sliding Effect

· Making an Image Scroll

· Determining Which Key Was Pressed

· Preventing Event Bubbling

· Chaining Multiple Activities

· Exercise: Enhance User Entry Form

· Confirming a Required Field Is Not Left Blank

· Validating a Numerical Field

· Validating Phone Numbers

· Validating a User ID

· Validating a Date

· Validating an Email Address

· Exercise: Perform user validation 1

· Checking Whether a Checkbox Is Checked

· Checking Whether a Radio Button Is Selected

· Applying Styles to Options and a Form Button

· Checking and Unchecking All Checkboxes Together

· Validating Two Fields

· Matching the Password and Confirm Password Fields

· Disabling Certain Fields

· Validating a Complete Form

· Serializing Form Data

· Exercise: Perform user validation 2

· Writing a Breadcrumb Menu

· Adding a Hover Effect to Menu Items

· Creating a Contextual Menu

· Creating a Navigation Menu with Access Keys

· Creating a Context Menu on Right-Click

· Creating Two Menus with Separate Menu Items

· Creating Two Menus with Submenu Items

· Making an Accordion Menu

· Making a Dynamic Visual Menu

· Exercise: Create Menu

· Displaying Images Horizontally and Vertically.

· Creating a Horizontal Image Slider

· Displaying an Image that Scrolls Left and Becomes Invisible When Clicked

· Creating an Image that Scrolls Left, Disappears, and Reappears at the Right

· Scrolling an Image at the Center of the Browser Window

· Showing Images One After the Other on Hover

· Scrolling an Image Vertically

· Scrolling an Image Horizontally

· Making a News Scroller

· Displaying an Enlarged Image on Mouseover

· Showing Images Pagewise

· Shuffling Images in Either Direction

· Writing a Pendulum Scroller

· Scrolling Images Using Arrays

· Exercise: Develop product catalog

· Highlighting a Table Row on Hover

· Highlighting Alternate Columns

· Filtering Rows

· Hiding the Selected Column

· Paginating a Table

· Expanding and Collapsing List Items

· Expanding and Collapsing Table Rows

· Sorting List Items

· Sorting a Table

· Filtering Rows from a Table

· Exercise: Arrange data in table

· Displaying a Welcome Message

· Performing Authentication

· Validating a User Name

· Validating an Email Address

· Using Auto complete

· Importing HTML

· Getting JSON Data

· Getting XML data

· Paginating tables

· Exercise: Improve interactivity using AJAX

· Filtering on any column of a table with a limit on rows

· Annotating an image with comments

· Dragging and dropping table rows

· Getting, serializing and clearing form controls

· Submitting the Form via Ajax

· Finding the exact position and dimension of an element

· Displaying images in a carousel

· Selecting a Date with a Datepicker

· Sorting tables

· Exercise: Using Plugin

· Distinguishing HTML Elements

· Applying Styles to an Element Nested Inside another Element

· Indenting Paragraphs

· Applying an Initial Cap to a Paragraph

· Removing the Gap between Heading and Paragraph

· Applying Styles to Heading Text

· Indenting the First Line of Multiple Paragraphs

· Creating Paragraphs with Hanging Indents

· Creating a Bordered Pull Quote

· Creating a Pull Quote with Images

· Applying List Properties to List Items

· Applying Styles to Only Selected List Items

· Placing Dividers between List Items

· Applying Image Markers to the List

· Creating Inline Lists

· Applying Styles to Hyperlinks

· Assigning Different Dimensions to HTML Elements

· Placing HTML Elements

· Creating a Multicolumn Layout

· Wrapping Text around Images

· Placing a Drop Shadow behind an Image

· Changing the Cursor When the Mouse Moves over a Link

· Displaying a Long Piece of Text within a Specific Area

· Making a Rounded-Corner Column

· Applying Text Decorations

· Scaling Images

· Setting a Background Image

· Centering a Background Image in the Browser

· Making the Background Image Stationary

· Exercise: Customizing page layout by customer


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