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Introduction to Project Management Certification Training - Simplilearn

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The Introduction to Project Management course covers the introductory concepts of different Project Management methodologies like PMP® certification, Agile and Scrum. Participants will also learn how to create a Project schedule using Microsoft® Project 2013.

This is the best introductory course for a professional who aspires to get into project management and know the different types of project management methodologies and processes.

Simplilearn's training in PMP® certification offers the following benefits:

  • Ensure participants understand the fundamentals of project management and implement standard processes and practices to be successful in their project delivery.
  • Enable organizations in providing effective project management delivery which reduces costs, project duration and increases business value using different methodologies.
  • Establish the participant's knowledge on all project management concepts, terms, and tools


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• Introduction to Project Management

• Objectives
• Project
• Project Management
• Program Management
• Portfolio Management
• Relationship Between Portfolios Programs and Projects
• Project Management Office
• Managing the Triple Contstraints
• Organization Structure
• Functional Organization
• Projectized Organization
• Matrix Organization
• Project Lifecycle Vs Product Lifecycle
• Project Management Process Map
• Project Management Process Groups
• Quiz
• Summary
• Thank You

• Project Management Techniques Overview

• Objectives

• Project Selection Techniques

• Project Selection Techniques (Contd.)

• Project Selection Technique (Contd.)

• Work Breakdown Structure

• Work Breakdown Structure Example

• Gantt Chart

• Gantt Chart Relationships

• Network Diagram

• Network Diagram Example

• Critical Path Method

• Program Evaluation and Review Technique

• PERT Example

• Earned Value Management

• Quality Planning Vs. Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control

• Quality Management Concepts

• Responsibility Assignment Matrix And RACI

• Risk Categorization

• Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

• Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

• Plan Risk Responses

• Types Of Contract

• Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix

• Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix Example

• Quiz

• Summary

• Thank You

• Introduction to Agile and Scrum

• Objective

• Agile manifesto

• Agile project management life cycle

• APM Framework

• What is scrum

• Scrum history

• Overview of terminologies used in SCRUM

• Overview of SCRUM roles

• Best practices of SCRUM

• Quiz

• Summary

• Thank you

• Other agile methodologies

• Objectives

• Overview of agile methodologies

• Overview of crystal

• Introducing to extreme programming

• Introduction to dynamic systems development method

• Overview of feature driven development

• Agile unified process

• Quiz

• Summary

• Thank you

• Introduction to Project Management

• Objectives

• Microsoft Project 2013

• Basic Information for A New Project

• Microsoft Project 2013 Interface

• Create Project from A Blank Project Template

• Components of A Blank Project Template

• Create Project from An Existing Template

• Create Project from An Existing Project

• Create Project from Microsoft Excel Workbook

• Create Project from Microsoft SharePoint Task List

• Types of Base Calendar

• Create New Base Calendar

• Set Baseline

• Create A Templates from A Completed Project

• Create Task Dependencies with Links

• Create Project Milestones

• Timeline View

• Project Summary

• Resources

• Responsibility Matrix

• Types of Resources

• Add Resources

• Add Resources (Contd.)

• Work Resources

• Material Resources

• Cost Resources

• Generic Resources

• Adding Date Constraints

• Setting Deadlines

• Adding Project Percentage

• Identifying Critical Path Using Ms Project

• Reposts and Dashboards

• Master Projects and Subprojects

• Inter Project Dependencies

• Resolve Resources Conflicts Between Shared Projects

• Quiz

• Summary

• Thank You


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