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Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 Architecting Designing and Deploying a Network


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  1. 3 Days
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Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 Architecting Designing and Deploying a Network


This 3-days course is designed for Architects, and System Administrators interested in gathering a deeper understanding on how Hyperledger Fabric Networks are Architected and operated throughout.

• Gain an understanding of the Hyperledger Fabric network topology.

• Learn about Chaincode, its purpose, and how to develop it using Go.

• Learn how to handle chaincode operations such as making chaincode packages accessible to peers, invoking and interacting with the chaincode logic from the CLI, and much more.

• Learn about how to create and develop an initial client-Side solution (Using Node) to interact with the network.

• Learn about how to scale the network organizations, peers, and orderer nodes.

• Perform Certificate Authority Related operations & setup necessary for initial network Identity relations.


System Administrators or anyone who wants to know how to run day-to-day network operations on a Hyperledger Fabric network.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions, and practical exercise.


You will learn about the integral base files in which Fabric are built upon. You will learn about how identity, and permissions are administered throughout Membership Only networks. Additionally, you will gather the experience necessary to enter into and manage nodes/peer needs (i.e., chaincode installation, securing communication, etc).

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Module 1: Setting Up Fabric
Module 2: Docker Basics

Lab: Installing HLF & setting up

Module 3: Hyperledger Fabric Architect’s Use Cases
Module 4: Architecting a solution/Architects Considerations.
Module 5: Database Administration in Fabric
Module 6: Fabric Network Topology

Lab: Bootstrapping the Network

Lab: Building the Network Artifacts and basis

Lab: Building the Network

Module 7: System Administrator’s Chaincode Process

Lab: Chaincode on Network

Module 8: Communication on the Network

Lab: Creating and Implementing New Organizations

Module 9: Ordering Services

Lab: Scaling the network & Modularity

Module 10: Permissioning (Membership, ACL’s, Channels)

Lab: Creating the Channels, and implementing Permissions

Lab: Adding Pearson Vue

Lab: MSP/CA Operations

Module 11: Deployment Tips
Ali Reza Bin Azmi

Ali Reza Bin Azmi

Ali Reza Azmi has been working in the IT industry since 2000 and he has more than 14 years of experience in IT training. He is well - versed in the configuration and troubleshooting of Window Server 20012 network infrastructure, Windows identity and access solutions with Windows Server 20012 active directory, Window Server 2012 active directory domain services and Windows Servers 2012 servers. He is knowledgeable in the planning and implementation of Windows Server 20012, Windows 8 desktop deployments and environments and in supporting Windows 8 for enterprise among others.

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