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Go Programming Training Course - Simplilearn


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Go Programming Training Course - Simplilearn


The Go programming course is designed for beginners. The first modules will provide you with a detailed introduction to Go language and its features. Then, you will proceed to advanced features such as polymorphism, concurrency, encryption. The course makes you confident to use Go in real life applications.


The course is outlined for beginners, who should have at least a little experience in coding and programming language.


• Knowledge of coding and programming language is helpful

• Prior experience in Go is not needed


On completion of Go programming course, you will be well versed in Go and ready to use it in real-life applications. The course helps you to achieve the following:

• Understand Go fundamentals in detail

• Learn about variables, constants, structs, functions, pointers, operators, arrays, maps, loops, interfaces

• Expand your knowledge to composition, polymorphism, Jsonpublisher, Jsonconsumer, web operations

• Comprehend concurrency feature of Go

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Module 1 – Course Introduction
• Introduction to the course
Module 2 – Introduction To Go

• Introduction

• Why Go

• Golang.org

• Imports

• Summary

Module 3 – Go Language

• Introduction

• Variables

• Constants

• Types and casting

• Setting up your local environment

• Structs

• Functions

• Functions – Variadic

• Functions – Defer

• Pointers

• Operators

• Conditionals

• Arrays and Slices

• Maps

• Looping and Ranges- Arrays and Slices

• Looping and Ranges – Maps

• Interfaces

Module 4 – Expanding Your Go Knowledge

• Introduction

• Object Composition

• Custom types

• Constructor Function

• Polymorphic

• Multi File Project

• Reading and Writing To Files

• Encryption and Description

• Web Operations

• Publishing JSON

• Consuming JSON

Module 5 – Concurrency

• Introduction

• Asynchronous Programming

• Go Routines

• Channels 1

• Channels 2

• Channels 3

Module 6 – Conclusion

• Course summary

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