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Facebook Marketing & Advertising Certification Training - Simplilearn


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Facebook Marketing & Advertising Certification Training - Simplilearn


Simplilearn’s course on Facebook Marketing and Advertising is a course structured to enable the professional to gain a thorough knowledge on the aspects of this social networking site and make the best use of this latest marketing strategy.


Facebook Marketing Course can be pursued by professionals who want to specialize in Social Media, to draw a higher audience and be effective marketers. This course is best suited for:

• Social Media Marketing Manager

• Social Media Consultant

• Public Relations/ Brand Manager

• Blogger/ Social Media Copywriter

• Businesses that want more traffic to their websites.

• Anyone looking to learn more about social media marketing.

• Professionals who want to add another skill to their marketing mix.


Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course offers the following benefits:

• Learn all the vital aspects of Facebook advertising including a deep understanding of terminologies like CPR frequency etc

• Gain knowledge on Facebooks ads new structure

• Gain precise knowledge on choosing the precise ads for your campaign based on statistics and case studies

• How to skilfully target the appropriate audience

• Boost convergence rate with re-marketing

• Obtain more leads with the same campaign budget

• Creating Facebook tab squeeze methods to setup your advertising campaigns.

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Module 1: Facebook Marketing, Part 1: Understanding Facebook

• Overview

• Introduction
• What is Facebook?
• Diverse userbase
• Why this audience matters
• Understanding the options
• Marketing yourself
• The business sides
• Where followers interact
• Coming up

Module 2: Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Getting Started on Facebook

• Overview

• Introduction

• Anatomy of a page

• Establishing your presence

• Facebook cover photos

• Vanity Facebook URL

• Pinning & reviews

• Timeline menu system

• Page messaging

• Daily moderation

• Page admin types

• Integrated post scheduling

• Great engagement data

• Promotion guidelines

• A secondary home

• Keep in mind

• Coming up

Module 3: Facebook Marketing, Part 3: Understanding the Facebook Algorithm & News Feed

• Overview

• Introduction

• The new feed

• News feed changes

• An end to like baiting

• Generate genuine engagement

• Value over sales pitches

• Algorithm reality check

• How you rank

• The science of Facebook

• Importance of tagging

• Ordering posts

• Promoted posts

• Coming up

Module 4: Facebook Marketing, Part 4: Integrating Facebook With Other Efforts

• Overview

• Introduction

• The problem with social media

• Facebook social plugins

• Other plugin options

• Claim your place listing

Module 5: Facebook Advertising, Part 1: Understanding Facebook Ads

• Overview

• Introduction

• Tapping into ad market

• Advertising options

• Target new contacts

• Push your way to followers

• Follow the rules

• The 20% rule

• Today’s Facebook mini-Rant

• Coming up

Module 6: Facebook Advertising, Part 2: Choosing Your Ad Type

• Overview

• Introduction

• What ad do you want?

• Every ad starts differently

• Choosing your creative

• Understanding your ad options

• Apply PPC principles

• Match your brand

• Tell them who you are

• Emotional impact

• Visual impact

• Coming up

Module 7: Facebook Advertising, Part 3: Facebook Ad Targeting

• Overview

• Introduction

• Dozen ways to target

• Location, age and gender targeting

• Interest targeting

• Connection targeting

• Relationship status targeting

• Education & work targeting

• An ultra-targeting lists

• Custom audiences

• Minimum reach

• Why use custom audiences?

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