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ECB: Boost Your B2B Business with E-Commerce


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ECB: Boost Your B2B Business with E-Commerce


This course will enable participants to learn the foundation of E-Commerce for Business-to-Business (B2B), providing them with an overview on the importance and trends of E-Commerce for B2B, the 8 fundamental elements of creating an E-Commerce strategy, as well as how to create and implement an effective strategy to drive more customers and business online.


Business managers, executives, or anyone in the B2B space who is looking to learn the importance of E-commerce for B2B, develop a digital mindset and an effective E-Commerce strategy. No prerequisite is required but some basic digital knowledge would be helpful.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions, and practical exercise

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Module 1: Differences between E-Commerce for B2C and B2B
Module 2: Why B2B E-Commerce and how it benefits your business
Module 3: Types and trends of B2B E-Commerce with case studies
Module 4: 8 core elements of B2B E-Commerce (Customer Journey | Positioning | Process, Model & Fulfilment | Technology Platform | Value Added Services (VAS) | Outreach | Customer Support | Retention)
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