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Docker in-depth Training Course - Simplilearn

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Course Details

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Introduction to containerization will help you gain insight into various aspects of containerization technology through demonstrations of the concept. Additionally, you will learn how to create and use containers on a Docker platform. After you complete this course you’ll have the requisite skills and confidence to go forth and create your own flexible application environments with Docker Compose.

This course will benefit all IT professionals who actively develop, test, and/or deploy code.

Basic understanding of Linux is the prerequisite for this course.

• Learn what Docker is and how to use it

• Gain an overview on the Linux operating system

• Get to grips with Docker Hub

• Create your own WordPress site with Docker

• Define multi-container application environments

• Create flexible, customizable environments and networks

• Transform an existing application into a fully Dockerized environment

• Enhance your Docker experience


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• Course Introduction

• Compose at a Highlevel
• Installing Compose
• Compose at the terminal
• Conclusion

• Introduction

• Introducing the sample Wordpress Environment

• A Sample Version 1 Environment for Wordpress

• From Version 1 to Version 2

• Persisting the database with a volume

• How Restarts Work

• Adding a Dependency

• Conclusion

• Introduction

• Networking Overview

• The Default Network

• Isolating Containers

• Aliases and Container Names

• Links

• How Updates Affect Networking

• Using External Networks

• Conclusion

• Introduction

• Volumes Overview

• Simple Volumes

• Named Volumes

• Fine-grained Volume Configuration

• Conclusion

• Introduction

• Configuring Logging

• Forwarding Logs

• Conclusion

• Introduction

• Configuring Compose

• Bringing an Environment Up

• Changing a Running Environment

• Introspecting on an Environment

• Taking an Environment Down

• Environment Files

• Conclusion

• Introduction

• The File Argument

• The Default Override File

• The extends configuration

• Running Additional Services

• Conclusion

• Introduction

• Introducing The Sample Environment

• Building a Swarm Cluster

• Deploying to a Swarm Cluster

• Next Steps

• Conclusion


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