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Docker Security

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The Docker Security course is an advanced workshop style course designed to be inclusive of multiple roles: Developer, Operations, DevOps, or Architects. The course offers learners a hands-on overview of important security features and best practices to protect containerized services. Completion of the Docker Fundamentals and Enterprise Operations course is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.

Developers, operators, system administrators, network administrators, and IT security professionals with a strong understanding of Docker technologies desiring a deep understanding of securing Docker environments at scale in an enterprise environment.

This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.

By the end of the course successful learners will be able to:

• List all the Linux and network features imposed on containers by the Docker platform, and configure them where configurable

• Design and implement discretionary access control for users on the Docker EE platform

• Fully audit the provenance, contents, and actions taken by containerized software from creation as an image, through testing and QA, and into deployment as a container in production


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• Container Security

• Secure Networking
• Authentication and Authorization
• Secure Software Supply Chain
• Introspection
• Signature Assignment


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