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Display Advertising Certification Training - Simplilearn


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Display Advertising Certification Training - Simplilearn


Simplilearn’s course on Display Advertising, provides insight on everything a participant needs to know, starting with which ad-options are best suited for a campaign to the utilization of cookies. The course offers a comprehensive insight into this amazing opportunity for digital advertisers and enhances the ability of the professional to remarket campaigns.


Display Advertising Course can be pursued by professionals who want to make a career as contributors towards marketing an organization through active display advertising. This mode of advertising that involves designing displays are beneficial to:

• Business Owners

• Marketing Professionals

• Entrepreneurs

• Sales Executives


Display Advertising Course will enable participants to:

• Learn the fundamentals on the various aspects of Display Advertising

• How to reach a larger pool of Target audience through Display Ads

• Master skills involved in designing Display Ads, various types of display ads and best practices

• Learn about the latest Target Strategies for display ads

• Harness the power of remarketing and retargeting solely through Display Ads

• Learn about measurements and techniques regarding Display Ads

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Module 1: Understanding the Digital Customer

Lesson: Display Advertising: The Digital Customer

• Overview
• Introduction
• The Digital Consumer
• Accepted Fact #1
• Accepted Fact #2
• Search Marketing
• Primary Influence on Purchase
• Online Ads
• Accepted Fact #3
• Searches
• Relevancy
• Relevancy Increase Conversions
• Thank You
• Quiz

Module 2: Defining Display Advertising

Lesson: Display Advertising Defining Display Advertising

• Overview

• Introduction

• Display Ads and Banner Blindness

• Text Ads

• Leaderboard And Rectangle Ads

• Billboard Ads

• Filmstrip Ads

• Medium Rectangle Ads

• Pushdown Ads

• Interstitial Ads

• In-Banner Video Billboard


• Thank You

• Quiz

Module 3: Targeting Methods

Lesson: Display Advertising Targeting Display Advertising

• Overview

• Introduction

• Targeting

• Relevancy

• Contextual Advertising

• Intent of User

• Retargeting

• Two Types of Display Ads

• Behavioral Targeting

• Addressable Targeting

• Privacy Vs Relevancy

• Quiz

Module 4: Behind the Scenes of Display

Lesson: Display Advertising: How to Track Cookies

• Overview

• Introduction

• How Data Is Developed

• Types of Cookies

• How It Works

• What Happens Next

• The Funnel

• Retargeting

• Thank You

• Quiz

Module 5: Display Ad Optimizing

Lesson: Display Advertising Ad Creative

• Overview

• Introduction

• Levels of Advertising

• Relevancy Review

• Retargeting

• Behavioural Targeting


• Addressability

• Ad Optimization

• What We’ve Learned

• Thank You

• Quiz

Module 6: Display Advertising Players

Lesson: Display Advertising: The Players

• Overview

• Introduction

• The Players, Advertisers and Publishers

• Ads on Your Site

• Ads Example

• Behaviour And Ads

• Relationship Between Technology

• Agencies

• Ad Networks

• Ad Exchanges


• Browsing Behaviour

• Thank You

• Quiz

Module 7: How Display Is Sold

Lesson: Display Advertising: How It All Works

• Overview

• Introduction

• Ad Networks

• Ad Exchanges

• Demand Side Platform

• Some Different Views

• Advantages

Module 8: Measuring Displays Success

Lesson: Display Advertising: Follow the Money

• Overview

• Introduction

• Follow The Money


• Cost Per Click

• Cost Per Sale

• Using CPA Model

• Dynamic Cost Per Mille

• Conclusion

• Quiz

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