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Digital & Social Selling Certified Associate Training - Simplilearn


The Digital and Social Selling Training Program shows you how to integrate digital techniques into your sales process and enhance your sales performance. We introduce you to digital and social selling tools and techniques that will help you better engage prospects and achieve faster conversion rates. A variety of case studies and industry-specific projects will give you hands-on, real-world experience with digital and social selling.


This digital and social selling training program is perfect for professionals who want to advance their career with a deeper understanding of digital and social sales methodologies and techniques, including:

• Sales and sales team leads

• Account and relationship management

• Consulting

• Business development

• Marketing and digital marketing


After completing the digital and social selling training program, you will be able to:

• Leverage advanced digital tools and methods in the sales cycle and acquire more relevant leads

• Understand the importance of personalized, quality content

• Develop a fully integrated selling strategy

• Enhance your social presence to influence buyer decisions

• Use social selling tools to increase online sales conversions

• Build stronger customer engagement and shorten the sales cycle

• Utilize CRM and sales intelligence tools to boost customer loyalty and retention

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Module 1 – Introduction to Digital and Social Selling
• Introudction
Module 2 – Attract Your Customers

Section 1: Introduction to Digital Selling-Beyond Social Selling

• What is Digital Selling

• What makes a Successful Digital Business

• The Difference between Digital Selling and Social Selling

• The Importance of Digital Sales Tools

• Quiz

Section 2: Developing Digital Selling Credibility

• Importance of Developing a Strong Social Media Profile

• Advantages of Building a Personal Brand

• Building a Strong Personal Brand

• Enhancing Social Credibility

• Managing Your Social Platforms Part 1

• Managing Your Social Platforms Part 2

• Managing Your Social Platforms Part 3

• Managing Your Social Platforms Part 4

• Quiz

Project 1: Building Digital Sales Credibility

• Building Digital Sales Credibility

Module 3 – Connect with your customers

Section 3: Digital Research and Developing Buyer personals

• Defining the Buyer Journey

• Introduction to Digital Buyer Profiles

• Honing Your Target Buyer Personas

• The Value of Sales Intelligence

• Sales Intelligence Tools and How to use them

• Researching Market Trends

• Quiz

Section 4: Turning Digital Connections into Sales Conversations

• CRM and Marketing Automation and Their Value in Digital Selling

• The Importance of A Digital Sales Hub

• Measuring Buyer Engagement

• Introduction to Digital Selling Tools

• Converting Prospects into Customers

• Quiz

Projects 2: Identifying Buyer Persionas

• Identifying Buyer Persionas

Module 4 – Engage with your customers

Section 5: Building Sales Engagement Through Content Marketing

• Creating Persona-specific Content and Delivering IT

• Establishing Thought Leadership

• Setting Up Your Content Creation Calendar

• Creating a Multi-channel Campaign

• Essential Content Management Tools

• Quiz

Poject 3: Building Content Marketing Plan

• Building Content Marketing Plan

Module 5 – Convert and Grow your customers

Section 6: Developing an Integrated Digital Selling Strategy

• Optimizing Your Campaign Calendar

• Tailoring Your Message to Suit the Buyer Persona

• How to Engage with Buyer Personas to Drive Sales

• Managing Your Digital Sales Campaigns

• Quiz

Section 7: Digital Selling Beyond Customer Acquisition

• Importance of Developing Customer Realtionships

• Using Digital Selling to Aid Customer Expansion

• Handling Negative Customer Experiences

• The future of Social and Digital Selling

• Quiz

Project 4: Building Integrated Selling Strategy

• Building Integrated Selling Strategy

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