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Customer Service - Knowing Your Customer Well


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Customer Service - Knowing Your Customer Well


Is customer service important? It is a provision of service ensuring your company maintains its customers and key accounts when the MCO is over and the industry starts to function again. But, how do you do that, when the world economy is down? Can we ensure profitability by servicing the customers with sincerity and authenticity?


All staffs (including HR, customer service, executives, sales and marketing, operation, finance etc) across the board who is seeking for upskilling themselves to improve the company’s productivity and efficiency in the post-covid work environment


Interactive online sharing by the trainers and MAY also include individual tasks for participants during class, partnering activities, video clips, brief offline tasks within the duration of the session, Q&A, etc


• Why some customers do not buy anymore?

• What makes certain customers continue to stick with you?

• How important customer service is in a post-COVID19 landscape and what you can do to ensure survivability?

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Module 1: Appreciate your existing customers so that they will stick with you
Module 2: Listen to the new needs of your customers using NLP tools
Module 3: Value your customers more and letting them feel it
Module 4: Improve your service levels while others are reducing theirs due to costs
Module 5: Find New Ways to make customers happy in this changed business world
Module 6: Improve your service levels to attract more customers and maintain your service standards with less resources
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To Be Confirm

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