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Creative Thinking and Problem Solving


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Creative Thinking and Problem Solving


All staff across the board who require upskilling to improve the company’s productivity.


The programs involve interactive online sharing by the trainer and may also include individual tasks for participants during class, partnering activities, video clips, brief offline tasks within the duration of the session, on-screen personality tests, Q&A, quizzes and more.


• Kick-start your creative brain to kick-start your productivity

• Innovate & initiate to optimize profits

• Motivate your team to generate ideas to succeed in the New Normal

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Module 1: Activate your creative brain to generate ideas for your company
Module 2: Listen to your subconscious mind for solutions
Module 3: Validate your ideas and filter them using NLP tools
Module 4: Innovate and improve your work processes to reduce costs
Module 5: Use New solutions to solve old problems
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