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C Programming Course - Simplilearn


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C Programming Course - Simplilearn


C is a programming language developed in the early 1970s by Dennis Ritchie. It is a structure-based, top-down approach-oriented language, commonly used for building system applications, database systems and graphics packages. Simplilearn’s online C programming course starts with a general introduction to C language concepts and gradually progresses to advanced methodologies. The course also provides hands-on training to help you write and test your coding skill, and prepare you for real-life application.


Simplilearn’s online course on C programming language is for anyone who wants to learn C, as it is ideal for understanding programming at a deeper level just for programming’s sake. It is also a valuable skill to have because it is the most commonly used programming language for writing operating systems. Prior knowledge of programming is helpful but not mandatory.


By the end of this C programming certification course, you will be fluent in C, and also know how to build basic C programs and work on advanced projects. This course will help you to achieve the Dfollowing:

• Gain knowledge of fundamental concepts of the C language

• Learn about variables and constants, data types, arithmetic operators, arrays and loops

• Execute programs using command line arguments

• Differentiate between printf and scanf

• Implement conditionals and switch case in your code

• Write your own code, run and debug it

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Module 1 – Getting to know nuts and bolts of C
Module 2 – Language Fundamentals
Module 3 – Arrays
Module 4 – Understanding Pointers
Module 5 – Memory Management
Module 6 - Plug things together
Module 7 – Debugging
Module 8 - Abstract Data Types
Module 9 - Alogirithms and Error Handling
Module 10 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
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