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Business Accounting And Finance


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  1. 2 Days
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Business Accounting And Finance


Business accounting is the systematic recording, analysing, interpreting and presenting of financial information. Accounting is the way a business keeps track of its operations. It is highly essential to analyse the business finances, in order for the owner or business managers to make better decisions.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.


At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

• Explain and apply business accounting & finance concepts in firm’s transactions,

• Interpret financial statements for business decision making,

• Explain the concepts of cost of capital, working capital and valuation of debt & equity securities,

• Explain capital project evaluation methods and the short-term and long-term financial implications of business decisions.

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Module 1: Establish the Foundation of Accounting Principles & Concepts

• Introduction to Accounting Concepts & Financial Statements

o Understand the Key Concepts in Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Owner’s Equity and Cash Flow Statements
o Interpret Annual Report
• Key Concepts of Accounting and Reporting
o Report on Current Assets
o Report on Fixed Assets
o Report on Liabilities
o Report on Equities
• Income Statement
o Revenues
o Expenses
o Cost of Goods Sold
• Measuring and Reporting Cash Flows
o Statement of Cash Flows
o Classification of cash flows
o Interpreting Statement of Cash Flows
o Managing cash flows
o Internal control over cash

Module 2: Apply Financial Statements & Managerial Accounting for Business Decision Making

• Analysing and Interpreting Financial Statements

o Purpose of Analysis

o Tools of Analysis

o Financial Ratios Classification

o Uses and Limitations of Financial Statement Analysis

• Managerial Accounting and Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships

o Cost Classifications/ Behaviour

o Applications of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

o Break-Even Point Analysis

o Multiple Products and Sales Mix Considerations

o Operating Leverage

• Cost Analysis for Planning

o Benefits of Budgeting

o Budgeting Process

o Performance Reporting: Characteristics of Performance Report and Flexible Budget

o Standard Costs

Module 3: Application of Managerial Finance & Securities Valuation in Firms Decision Making

• Introduction to Managerial Finance

o Finance & Business

o Goals & Functions of Managerial Finance

o Governance, Agencies & Markets

• Time Value of Money & Discounted Cashflow

o Future Value, Present Value Concepts

o Annuities

o Mixed Stream

• Debt Securities Valuation

o Interest Rates & Required Returns

o Corporate Bonds

o Bond Valuation

• Equity Securities Valuation

o Differences Between Debt & Equity Securities

o Preferred Stock Valuation

o Common Stock Valuation

Module 4: Capital Budgeting and The Short-Term and Long-Term Financial Implications of Business Decisions.

• Risk, Return & Cost of Capital

o Risk & Return Fundamentals

o Portfolio Theory & Capital Asset Pricing Model

o Weighted Average Cost of Capital Concept

• Capital Budgeting Techniques

o Payback Period

o Net Present Value

o Internal Rate of Return

o Cashflow Discounting Methodology

• Working Capital Management

o Net Working Capital Management

o Cash Conversion Cycle

o Inventory & Receivables Management

Kelvin Chong Kok Kean

Kelvin Chong Kok Kean

Kelvin provides training and mentoring in technical financial trading, having won accolades and led University of Malaya team to emerge as top graduate team honour in the prestigious world collegiate 2018 trading competition by Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the oldest and largest financial exchange in the world. Given his extensive involvement in the banking industry, he has structured & closed countless large size corporate deals with impeccable track record that speaks volume of his financial analysis & credit management prowess. As a Senior Business Leader & Manager in the bank, he was also extensively involved in development and delivery of workplace training for non-financial junior colleagues. Besides, he conducts private workshop on financial analysis for corporate clients. Through his deep enthusiasm in adult learning, he has strong passion and capabilities in developing and delivering trainings that are compact & practical, encompassing industrial practice and experiential learning. In addition to his Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers program, his area of expertise includes Working Capital Management, Supply Chain & Trade Financing, Treasury & Derivative products, International Business Management, Entrepreneurship & Technical Trading Skills. Given his wealth of experience and credential, Kelvin is highly entrepreneurial and founded a fintech startup, that seeks to reinvent credit landscape in the financial industry. His startup idea was selected as the Top 10 Alpha Startups by 1337 Ventures, under an accelerator program by Bank Negara Malaysia for the Demo Day during MyFintech Week 2019. Besides, he is also a member of the renowned Founder Instituter, a Silicon Valley based accelerator & incubator. Read More

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