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Building a Better Health & Better Life


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Building a Better Health & Better Life


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.

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Module 1 – Understanding Your Medical Report

• The interpretation of result from body composition analysis

• Explain screening result in relation to Framingham score of A, B, C and D
• Introduce the current health issues in 21st century to the required lifestyle changes

Module 2 – Be Sugar Savvvy

• Understand sugar and carbohydrate intake in relation to blood sugar control

• Using interactive activity to capture on sugar and carbohydrate recommended intake

• Identify healthier choices of foods

Module 3 – Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart

• Understand intake from fats, sodium and fiber in relation to heart diseases

• Using interactive activity to identify fats and sodium contained in foods

• Choosing the healthier options

Module 4 – Healthy Lunch

• Lunch menu: Grilled chicken breast in Kraftkorn bread + Chef Salad with orange vinaigrette

• Lunch with Dietitian

Module 5 – Shape Your Plate

• The main food groups on healthy plate

• Using the hand guide to estimate recommended portion

• Emphasize on balanced eating

Module 6 – Stress Relievers at Work

• Stress Management & Fitness

• Introduction on circle of Influence

• Breathing exercise

• Stretching exercise at your office desk

Mabel Tew Zhi Wei

Mabel Tew Zhi Wei

Mabel Tew Zhi Wei hold Bsc.(Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, International Medical University. Her previous working experience as a dietician in retail pharmacy sees her being exposed to various nutritional products in the market. The knowledge and skills acquired, allows her to provide practical advice to her patients. At present, she is a community dietitian at Beacon International Specialist Centre. Her responsibilities include supporting patients with dietetics counselling, assisting in corporate health talks and designing corporate wellness programs to prevent non-communicable diseases. She has also given talks to various organizations such as Maybank, UEM Mercu, Prasarana, RHB, Proton Edar, DHL and etc. As a member of Malaysian Dietitians' Association, she shares her passion in educating the public on preventive health. As a practitioner in this field, she provides dietary advice to patients with various illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and weight disorders. She believes that “balance is the key to a healthy life". She loves and hopes to share her experiences and knowledge in nutrition and dietetics to the society. Read More

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