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Building a Better Health & Better Life

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This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.


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• The interpretation of result from body composition analysis

• Explain screening result in relation to Framingham score of A, B, C and D
• Introduce the current health issues in 21st century to the required lifestyle changes

• Understand sugar and carbohydrate intake in relation to blood sugar control

• Using interactive activity to capture on sugar and carbohydrate recommended intake

• Identify healthier choices of foods

• Understand intake from fats, sodium and fiber in relation to heart diseases

• Using interactive activity to identify fats and sodium contained in foods

• Choosing the healthier options

• Lunch menu: Grilled chicken breast in Kraftkorn bread + Chef Salad with orange vinaigrette

• Lunch with Dietitian

• The main food groups on healthy plate

• Using the hand guide to estimate recommended portion

• Emphasize on balanced eating

• Stress Management & Fitness

• Introduction on circle of Influence

• Breathing exercise

• Stretching exercise at your office desk


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