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Back To Work, Am I Safe. No Worry, We Are Here


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Back To Work, Am I Safe. No Worry, We Are Here


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.


Overall program is focusing about 3 main subjects; screening process, management of close contact and prevention and infection control that we should know when resume work after the MCO.

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Module 1: Screening Process by Dr Mani

• What happens after MCO?

• Screening Guideline for staff/customer
• What should be done if staff/customer fulfil PUI criteria during screening?
• What if my staff develop fever or respiratory symptoms but do not fulfil PUI criterial?

Module 2: Management Of Close Contact by Ms Ho

• What will happen if there is a confirmed case in the company?

• Am I consider as a closed contact? What will happen to me?

• How to prevent business interruption? What are the recommendation?

Module 3: Prevention and Infection Control by Mr Yeo

• Can we resume normal operation in the department with confirmed case? Talk about

• terminal cleaning

• How should we sanitise the working environment?

• Will the virus stay in the air? Can we on the air conditional?

• How to ensure social distancing in working environment?

• What are the Do and Don’t if I’m staying in the hostel?

Yeo Moon Hock

Yeo Moon Hock

Mr Yeo holds the position of Director of Facility and Biomedical Support Services in Beacon Hospital. Having worked for 19 years in the healthcare industry, carrying the responsibility of maintaining facilities and its operations and code compliance, Mr Yeo has been involved in planning, design, construction, finance management and administration of his division. As the healthcare facilities manager, he has much understanding of the building's design and equipment needs. Maintenance of equipment such as HVAC, refrigeration, electricity, plumbing and elevators is required along with knowledge of medical equipment, and grounds keeping. His other work exposure includes managing hazardous materials, managing compliance with the Life Safety Code, coordinating with doctors and departmental managers, developing programs to manage healthcare and utilities assistance equipment, create maintenance schedules, and participate in emergency training and drills. His working exposure has spearheaded him to manage the safety aspects of COVID-19 –precaution and safety measures. He actively participates in the management team of COVID risk in the hospital by scheduling deep cleansing and setting SOP to manage any COVID positive case encountered in the hospital. Read More

Ho Sweet Lee

Ho Sweet Lee

Ms Ho obtained her State Registered Nurse licence in 2000 and holds a Bachelor in Nursing from Monash University, Australia. Currently she is pursuing Master in Counselling which she believes will enhance her delivery of effective and holistic education and service in the medical industry. As the Senior Learning and Development Manager of Beacon Hospital, she has put her vast experience in clinical nursing and as an experienced trainer to healthcare professionals, to plan and develop a continuous learning pathway for Beacon Hospital's frontline, support and patient care employees. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she actively leads in the user education on PPE, and the importance of compliance in making a safe environment for all. She is a member of the COVID management team in Beacon that is responsible in contact tracing in the event of any possible positive COVIDcases. Read More

Dr. Manivapan

Dr. Manivapan

Dr. Manivapan is a Russian trained medical doctor. He graduated in 2011 from the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. He has been practicing for 7 years, 4 of which were spent in government service. He has been on rotation in all clinical specialities, including medicine, orthopaedics, paediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, anaesthesiology and gynaecology.Dr. Manivapan is actively involved in community service. He volunteers free medical services in medical camps organized by various organizations, e.g. Malaysian Hindu Sangam. He also provides voluntary services in remote areas through the Beacon Mobile Clinic initiative. After 4 years of government service, Dr. Mani joined Beacon International Specialist Centre as the Head of AandE. He began developing courses to train other healthcare professionals in subjects of his expertise. His courses are listed below:• Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Feb 2020)• Advanced Trauma Life Support (Jun 2019)• Care for Critically Ill Surgical Patients – CCrISP (Aug 2018)• Basic Life Support Instructor (Aug 2018) Read More

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