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Apache Maven Training Course - Simplilearn


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Apache Maven Training Course - Simplilearn


The Simplilearn online Apache Maven course is designed to hone your mastery of the Maven build automation tool used for Java development projects. The course will train you on how to set up the Maven environment, pull in dependencies by specifying their coordinates, how to install and deploy a plugin, how to generate reports on your code that will let you know when your developers are running into problems, and how to scale up from simple projects to multi-module projects.

Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting, and documentation from a central repository.


The course is ideal for:

• Intermediate Java developers

• Project managers

• Heavy users of software libraries


Basic knowledge of Java development is beneficial.


By the end of this online Apache Maven course, you will be able to:

• Install Apache Maven successfully

• Understand Maven dependencies and control Maven classpaths

• Install plugins, manage plugins with a parent POM, and find available plugins

• Comprehend Maven build properties

• Create a project website

• Release Maven artifactsBuild a website for multi-module project

• Build a simple installer and run functional tests

• Take advantage of popular Maven tricks and patterns

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Module 1 – Introduction

• Introduction to Apache Maven

• Installing Apache Maven
• Understanding the Maven Repository
• Understanding the Maven Lifecycle
• Understanding the Role of Plugins

Module 2 – Dependencies

• Introducing Maven Dependencies

• Controlling Maven Classpaths

• Maven and Transitive Dependencies

• Managing Dependencies that All Projects Need – Part 1

• Managing Dependencies that All Projects Need – Part 2

Module 3 – Plugins

• Introducing Maven Plugins

• Adding Steps to a Maven Build

• Code Generation

• Managing Plugins with a Parent POM

• Finding Available Plugins

Module 4 – Controlling the Build

• Maven Build Properties

• Maven Profiles

• Profile Activation via Properties

• Profile Activation via Environment

• User Settings, Profiles and Repositories

Module 5 - The Project Website

• The Basic Website and Reports

• Using Report Plugins

• Creating Custom Pages

• FAQ (frequently asked question) Pages and Site Appearance

• Deploying to a Web Server

Module 6 - The Maven Release Process

• Deploying to a Repository

• Using Snapshots

• Preparing for a Release

• Releasing Maven Artifacts

• Preparing for an Open Source Release

• Publishing to Maven Central

Module 7 - Multi-module Projects

• Understanding the Multi-module Project

• Incremental Building with Multiple Modules

• Building a Website for a Multi-module project

• Releasing the Multi-module Project

Module 8 - Maven Tricks and Patterns

• Invoking Ant from Maven

• Accessing Maven Artifacts from Ant

• Building a Simple Installer

• Running Functional Tests

• Disabling Default Plugin Bindings and Excluding Transitive Dependencies

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