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Agile Essentials/ Fundamentals Training Workshop

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Grasp the concepts, principles and methods of Agile development and become empowered to execute on your plans for incorporating Agile practices and techniques into your organization. This workshop will give you the foundation of knowledge and experience you need to begin. It is a starting point for you to acquire the techniques, skills and tools that enable you to build Agile discipline.

In addition to defining Agile principles, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of Agile development. Get first-hand experience by organizing and participating in an Agile team. Put the concepts you learn to practice instantly in the classroom project. Understand and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities for Agile. Finally gain an understanding and practice the collaboration and communication needed between customer and developers for Agile to succeed.

· Project Managers

· Program Managers

· Analysts

· Programmers

· Testers

· IT Manager/Directors

· Software Engineers

· Software Architects

· Product Managers

This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.

· This information packed course will expose you to an array of ideas, techniques, tools and practices that you can incorporate immediately — all offered to help you successfully integrate Agile development techniques into your SDLC.

· Appreciate the history of Agile and how the collection of principles and practices came together to enable customer success

· Draw best practices from the various methodologies that will contribute to your team success

· Talk the talk: learning the Agile terminology, roles and forums with their context

· Walk through the processes that support Agile principles to enable the delivery of great products

· Begin to map the transition of your existing team or enterprise-level processes, artifacts and forums to Agile

· Discover the power of Agile teams through communication, collaboration and cadence

· Uncover the pitfalls that teams will encounter in an Agile transition and understand how to overcome those challenges

· Lay the foundation upon which you can build a learning team and organization


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In this section we will explore the motivating factors for teams adopting Agile practices. Further we will examine the various Agile methods and the principles and practices they embrace. Agile success with real-world examples across many industries will be shared to highlight the benefits that Agile can bring to teams. Finally, we will explore the power behind Agile teams and how they differ from traditional project teams.

· History of Agile

· About Agile

· Agile Project Management

· Difference between Agile and Waterfall Methods

· Agile and Lean Values and Principles

· Agile Methodologies

· Agile Concepts

· What Agile is Not or Hasn't

· When to Use Agile and When Not

· Agile Life Cycle

In this section we will establish a foundation of the basic roles, artifacts and forums utilized by Agile teams. Agile terminology will be reviewed and we will review the complete “process” or framework which Agile teams utilize to achieve success. For many teams, Agile merely means having Daily Stand-up Meetings and conducting a Retrospective every two weeks but this is far from truly being Agile.

· Agile Manifesto

· Agile Practices

· Agile Principles

· Understanding Agile Roles and Responsibilities

· Agile Planning

· Daily Stand Up Meeting

· Creating User Stories

· Story Gathering Workshop

· Estimating Work for Agile Project

· Structuring Agile Plan

· Developing Agile Plan

· Burn-Down & Burn-Up Charts

In this section, we will review the information you need to know to begin your journey to “Becoming Agile." Many organizations/teams try to implement Agile without knowing the roadblocks they will face and what it takes to become an Agile team.

  • About Agile Velocity
  • Calculating Agile Velocity
  • Agile Wall Charts
  • About Product Backlogs
  • Prioritizing Product Backlogs
  • Product Iteration
  • Product Release
  • About Sprint
  • Sprint Backlogs
  • Sprint Requirement
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Review Meeting
  • Agile Collaborative Workspace
  • About Agile Retrospective
  • Inspect & Adapt Retrospective
  • Leading Agile Retrospective
  • Releases & Project Retrospective


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