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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced


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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced


Now that you’ve mastered the skills in the Level 1 Photoshop class, you are ready to learn other ways Photoshop is used, such as painting, compositing, vector drawing, integration with InDesign and Illustrator, and preparing files for the Web


Photoshop Level I or equivalent experience, plus the prerequisites for Level I.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, discussions and practical exercises


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

· Create a one-page flyer while learning how to format type with paragraph styles, create a clipping mask, put type on a path, and use vertical type.

· Be introduced to the pen tool to draw paths which can be converted to selections or used as clipping paths when the image is imported into InDesign.

· Import, create, and work with Smart Objects for non-destructive editing.

· Create a montage of images with advanced compositing techniques.

· Use actions to automate repeated steps.

· Stitch together a panorama.

· Edit video and add a soundtrack.

· Paint an image with the mixer brush, create custom brushes, and mix colors.

· Create graphics for the Web.

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Module 1 - Typographic Design

· creating point and paragraph type layers

· Create a clipping mask from type

· Create type on a path

· Warping type

· Creating and applying paragraph styles

· Creating and formatting live vector shapes

Module 2 - Vector Drawing Techniques

· Understanding raster images and vector graphics

· Creating paths with the Pen tool

· Converting a path to a selection

· Creating and formatting vector shape objects

· Working with pre-defined custom shapes

· Importing an Illustrator file as a Smart Object

Module 3 - Advanced Compositing

· Assembling a montage of images into one image

· Applying filters to Smart Objects, non-destructively

· Painting with a blending mode on a layer

· Creating an action to automate a multistep task

· Creating a conditional action

· Resizing an image larger without losing quality

· Stitching a panorama

· Saving for four-color printing

· Saving for the Web

Module 4 - Editing Video

· Creating a new video project and importing media

· Animating text and creating effects

· Adding transitions

· Adding audio and muting unwanted audio

· Exporting video to mp4

Module 5 - Painting With The Mixer Brush

· Understanding the mixer brush and selecting settings

· Mixing colors using wet & dry settings in the options bar

· Creating a custom brush preset

· Using the mixer brush to paint on a photograph

Module 6 - Working With 3D Images

· Converting text to 3D

· Creating 3D shapes in Photoshop

· Importing 3D objects from other applications

· Manipulating 3D objects

· Positioning objects in a scene

· Rendering a 3D scene

Module 7 - Preparing Files For The Web

· Creating slices and setting slice options

· Creating Navigation buttons

· Exporting HTML and images

· Using the Zoomify feature

Module 8 - Producing And Printing Consistent Color

· Specifying color-management settings

· Proofing an image

· Identifying out-of-gamut colors

· Adjusting an image and printing a proof

· Saving the image as a CMYK EPS file

· Printing

Mohd Yunus Bin Omar

Mohd Yunus Bin Omar

Mohd Yunus has been working in the IT industry since 1995 and has been exposed to all the common challenges faced by IT personnel. With years of experience working with multimedia, IT services and end users, he understands the importance of business value, infrastructure efficiency and user productivity.He shares his passion in multimedia related software especially Adobe and Autodesk products and specializes in visual effects, animation, graphic and web designing, architectural, mechanical and electrical. Read More

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