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Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - Foundation


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Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - Foundation


Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements, games and flash animations for broadcast. More recently, it has been positioned as a tool for "Rich Internet Applications" ("RIAs").

This course contains 5 lessons, which will cover the basics of learning Flash and provides countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with the program.

You'll learn how to create artworks and animation using Flash, creating flash videos, games, websites, applications and more!


The primary audience for this course is Desktop Publishing Artists, Graphic Artists, IT Executive, Designers, Webmaster and Programmers.

This course will go through the foundation to the advance features of Adobe Flash CS6. Thus, it is suitable for anyone who is new to Flash environment or those who have not had formal training.


  • Participants should be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files and the general operations of computers
  • Familiarity to any graphics program would be an advantage


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Understand the basic technical skills required to work with tools, animation, timelines in Adobe Flash.

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Getting Acquainted
  • Starting a flash file
  • Working in the Flash workspace
  • Understanding the timeline
  • Organizing layers
  • Using the properties inspector
  • Tools panel
  • Undoing steps
  • Previewing a movie
  • Publishing your movie
  • Saving your movie
Working With Graphics
  • Understanding strokes and fills
  • Creating shapes
  • Making selections
  • Editing shapes
  • Using gradients and bitmap fills
  • Making patterns and decorations
  • Creating curves
  • Creating transparencies
  • Creating and Editing text
Creating And Editing Symbols
  • Importing Illustrator files
  • About symbols
  • Creating symbols
  • Importing Photoshop files
  • Editing and managing symbols
  • Changing the size and position of instances
  • Changing color effects of instances
  • Understanding blending effects
  • Applying filters for special effects
  • Positioning in 3D space
Adding Animation
  • About animation
  • Animating position
  • Changing the pacing and timing
  • Animating transparency, filters and transformation
  • Changing the path of motion
  • Swapping tween targets
  • Creating nested animations
  • Using motion editor
  • Easing
  • Animating 3D motion
  • Previewing animations
Articulated Motion And Morphing
  • Constraining joints
  • Inverse Kinematics with shapes
  • Armature options
  • Morphing with shape tweens
  • Using shape hints
  • Simulating physics with inverse kinematics
Mohd Saiful Nizam

Mohd Saiful Nizam

He has conducted and facilitated various types of courses for entrepreneurs and college students using programs developed by himself and his team based on knowledge sharing, teaching, learning and applying this knowledge to help cultivate a learning environment for all the participants that attend his training sessions.

He has also taught participants of various ages and has a lot of experience in handling different types of participants.

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Alex Ong Min Jie

Alex Ong Min Jie

Alex has been working with multimedia applications since Adobe Flash was still Macromedia Flash and has taken up a Bachelor of Computer Science in Multimedia at University Putra Malaysia after the spark of interest. He explores different multimedia applications and several programming languages, such as Java and C#. He is a very fast learner, enabling him to improve himself in the departments he is most interested in. During his final year in UPM, he was a participant of Imagine Cup, and a finalist in the Malaysia levels, which heightened his experience. He has worked at a local Spend Management System Specialist, which enabled him to sharpen his programming skills in .Net. This also helps to improve his understanding of the market's requirements and needs. Read More

Mohd Yunus Bin Omar

Mohd Yunus Bin Omar

Mohd Yunus has been working in the IT industry since 1995 and has been exposed to all the common challenges faced by IT personnel. With years of experience working with multimedia, IT services and end users, he understands the importance of business value, infrastructure efficiency and user productivity.He shares his passion in multimedia related software especially Adobe and Autodesk products and specializes in visual effects, animation, graphic and web designing, architectural, mechanical and electrical. Read More

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