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ADS: Applied Data Science


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ADS: Applied Data Science


This course is perfect for participants looking to gain practical analytical and technical skills to solve real-world problems and challenges revolving around data.

By enrolling in this course, participants will develop a deep and profound understanding of Big Data Analytics (BDA) and the Data Science lifecycle and be able to develop predictive models and recommendation engines. As the course focuses on the application of data science to business processes and operations, participants will be able to pick up skills in capturing, managing, analyzing and decision-making based on data.


This course caters to those with experience in Data Science with intentions of becoming full-fledged Data Scientists. Participants should preferably have some knowledge in Python or R and are recommended to complete the Applied Data Analytics course.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions, and practical exercise

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Module 1: Data Science Overview
Module 2: Data Science Lifecycle
Module 3: Data Acquisition & Cleansing
Module 4: Data Analysis & Statistical Methods
Module 5: Introduction to Machine Learning
Module 6: Introduction to Spark & MLlib
Module 7: Predictive Modeling (Linear Regression, Clustering, Decision Tree, Random Forests)
Module 8: Building a Recommender System
Module 9: Model Evaluation
Module 10: Creating Simulation Models & What-Ifs
Module 11: Creating Simulation Models & What-Ifs
Module 12: Natural Language Processing & Sentiment Analysis
Module 13: Geo-Clustering Analysis
Module 14: Graph Analysis
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