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.NET Programming - Simplilearn


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.NET Programming - Simplilearn


Comprehensive introduction to the .net space and .net coding using C#. This course provides a primer on the major aspects of .NET development including the Visual Studio Environment, data connections, the C# language, and winform and web forms projects.


• Anyone with an interest in creating their own projects from scratch

• People who want to gain an understanding of Visual Studio and .NET development

• People who want to learn programming through pragmatic example instead of endless explanations.


A basic understanding of C# will be beneficial but is not necessary to take this course.


• Independently create .net projects

• Learn advanced techniques and procedures

• Create Windows Forms projects with Visual Studio

• Create Web based projects with Visual Studio

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Module 1 – Course Introduction

• Introduction

• Preparation

Module 2 – A Tour Of The Visual Studio Integrated Develoment Environment (IDE)

• Introduction

• What is an IDE, and what is it used for?

• What is Visual Studio

• Project Types supported in VS

• The Solution Explorer

• The Properties Window

• The Toolbox

• Summary

Module 3 – The Visual Studio IDE In Action

• Introduction

• Winforms, WPF, and Web Projects

• IDE interaction with Projects

• Running your Project while building

• Methods, Functions and Routines

• Libraries

• Calling other Project Components

• Summary

Module 4 – Using The Visual Studio IDE To Connect To Data

• Introduction

• Data Connections in Visual Studio

• Simple SQL Server Database

• Tables in SQL Server

• Stored Procedures

• Getting SQL Data into my Project

• Other Data Sources

• Summary

Module 5 – A Starting Primer For The C# Programming Language

• Introduction

• C# versus Visual Basic

• Programming Structures in C#

• Writing Good Code

• Basic Coding Techniques, Part 1

• Basic Coding Techniques, Part 2

• Applying what we've learned

• Summary

Module 6 - Starting A Winforms Project

• Introduction

• Winforms versus ASP Web Pages

• Opening and Exploring our Project

• Visual Studio Objects, Part 1

• Visual Studio Objects, Part 2

• Visual Studio Objects, Part 3

• Writing Clean Organized Forms

• Summary

Module 7 – Making Your Winforms Project Become A Usable Software Application

• Introduction

• Naming Conventions

• Referencing

• Building Project Components

• The inevitable “Gotcha’s”

• Building your Application

• Distributables

• Summary

Module 8 - A Web Development With Visual Studio Primer

• Introduction

• Revisiting Winforms versus Web Forms

• Form Controls, Custom Controls and A Microsoft Office Project

• ASP.NET Development, Part 1

• ASP.NET Development, Part 2

• Starting an ASP.NET Web site

• Project Layout in ASP Web Development

• Summary

Module 9 - Creating A Working Web Site With Visual Studio

• Introduction

• Revisiting Winforms

• Revisiting Winforms versus Web Forms

• Reports

• Tapping into our Data

• How a Web Form is different

• How to Build and Publish our Web

• Summary

• Course Summary

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