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Public Class

Public Class

UX Design Course: How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET Design)

Embark on a transformative journey with our ‘ux design course’ that unravels the intricacies of designing for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust, reshaping the landscape of user experience. In this 3-day instructor-led program, participants delve into the dynamic world of PET Design, where the fusion of science and creativity propels online interactions to new heights.

Unveiling the Power of PET Design

The course equips usability and user experience professionals, marketers, designers, and product managers with core methods and tools for crafting designs that go beyond mere usability. From understanding the history of the field to creating PET-focused personas and scenarios, each module unfolds layers of knowledge. Participants learn to integrate PET-related requirements into their design processes, ensuring websites not only function seamlessly but also resonate emotionally with users.

Elevate Your Career Potential

Upon completion, participants gain the ability to apply persuasion and emotional design methodologies effectively. Armed with a persuasion strategy, the course empowers individuals to evaluate websites based on trust, emotion, and persuasion, creating designs that resonate with users’ drives and blocks. By tapping into customer emotion, applying persuasion science, and navigating HFI’s PET design process, participants acquire skills that are not just practical but also pivotal for advancing their careers in the ever-evolving field of UX design.

Unlock the door to a world where design goes beyond aesthetics, creating online experiences that not only captivate but also convert. Join us in mastering the art of PET Design, and let your UX design skills reach new heights in the fast-paced digital realm.

Course Details

Course Code: -; Duration: 3 Days; Instructor-led

Persuasion, emotion, and trust are critical factors for creating successful online interactions. While traditional user-centered design focuses on designing for usability, it is now essential to leverage the science of PET to influence users. Whether your site, application, or product is informational, functional, or transactional, PET design teaches you how to motivate people to make decisions that lead to conversion.

The participant will learn:

  • Create designs that motivate specific actions and align with measurable business goals
  • Increase customer conversion, loyalty, and adoption
  • Test and measure the emotional impact and credibility of your website
  • Present PET design research and user analysis with concrete deliverables, including: PET personas, persuasion flow diagrams, emotion maps, strategies, and trust scorecards.

What you get?

  • A comprehensive student manual
  • Workbook and resource guide including:
    • Course exercises
    • Publication and website references
    • Glossary
  • Credit toward HFI’s advanced certification program—the CXA


Usability and user experience professionals, marketers, graphic designers, web and application designers, mobile and wireless interaction designers, product management and product designers.


Strong desire to learn how persuasion, emotion, and trust research methodologies can be effectively applied to the design of conversion-based and decision-making interaction design.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Apply core methods and tools for persuasive and emotional design—create a persuasion strategy
  • Evaluate sites based on persuasion, emotion, and trust
  • Integrate PET-related requirements into your data gathering and interaction design processes
  • Build personas specifically to research, probe, and analyse PET-related factors
  • Construct designs and persuasion flows based on user’s drives and blocks
  • Validate the persuasiveness and emotional impact of your designs
  • Leverage the research that continues to shape this rapidly evolving discipline.


Learn about the history of the field, how PET is additive to and fully complementary to classic usability, and why PET will change the way you consider and design for your customer’s web experience forever!

Before you can persuade customers to act, you must ensure that your site engenders trust. Learn how to: design for credibility and trust, take hygiene factors into consideration, and how various online “markers” engender trust such as—credible organizations, design quality, FAQs, citations, current content, archives, testimonials, and more.

Learn how to tap customer emotion to increase engagement via proven psychological principles including: utility, practicality, and drive fulfillment; hierarchy, specificity, and depth of needs; eliciting negative and positive emotions; optimal levels of stimulation; and more.

Once the emotions are tapped, we’ll introduce you to the science of persuasion. Learn the sychological onstructs required to get your consumers to act— very time. Discover how to use pay, impression, and pressure to your advantage via: extrinsic rewards, unanticipated costs, contrast principle, social proof, social learning, the power of people we like, scarcity, and more.

Persuasion methodology is not new, but putting it into practice is. Learn how HFI has created a persuasion process and methodology that consists of PET: assessment, testing and review, user research and design, structure, research and analysis, strategy, and validation.

The underpinnings of persuasion design are the tools that classic usability analysts use with a PET twist. Learn where PET personas and scenarios come from, understand persona variables, learn the differences between PET and classic scenarios and how to build PET scenarios.

Learn how the PET test and PET review uncover data that will enable you to take what you’ve learned so far and apply it to your site. Learn how to utilize: emotional reports, video, eye tracking data, persona emotion reports, persuasion strategies, the seducible moment, and more.

In order to target your PET Tools, you’ll want to talk to your customers. In this track, you’ll get a taste of a technique used to understand the emotional landscape of your customers.

Now you’ve learned about persuasion, emotion, and trust, as well as how to assess your site and conduct customer research. In this section, you’ll learn how to make quick, easy, high impact changes to the existing design. This is PET design for the real world, where you normally can’t do a complete redesign just for PET.

Steeped in proven psychology, PET is teachable, repeatable and, perhaps most importantly, redictable. But you’ll still want to show that those predictions came true. Learn how to validate your design to see if your persuasion methods are working, if you are eliciting the desired emotions, and if your customers “will do” what you want them to do.



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