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Public Class

Public Class

Explore the Power of Microsoft Access

If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your data management and analysis skills, look no further than our ‘Microsoft Access – Intermediate’ course. Microsoft Access, a powerful database tool, is more than just tables and queries; it’s your gateway to seamless data control and insights. In this one-day instructor-led program, we dive into the finer nuances of Microsoft Access, helping you build a strong foundation for advanced database handling.

Elevate Your Career

Whether you’re a Clerk, Officer, Executive, Supervisor, Administrator, or Manager, this course caters to professionals at all levels. Already familiar with the basics of Access? Great! Here, you’ll learn to link to Excel spreadsheets, customize tables with precision, and work wonders with forms. With hands-on experience and interactive sessions, you’ll master advanced file tasks, table formatting, and data entry control. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the skills to validate data, create lookup fields, and format forms. These capabilities are not just resume boosters – they are career accelerators.

So, why wait? Empower yourself with the knowledge of Microsoft Access, and open doors to a world of opportunities in the ever-evolving corporate landscape. Our course is your key to becoming a data maestro, and it starts with the click of a mouse.

Unleash Your Potential

Microsoft Access isn’t just a software; it’s a pathway to efficiency and innovation. Our ‘Microsoft Access – Intermediate’ course is not just another training program; it’s your journey towards mastering this essential tool. Dive into the world of databases, and set yourself on a trajectory of professional growth and success. Ready to take the leap? Join us today, and let’s embark on this exciting learning adventure together.

Course Details

Course: ACI-1; Duration: 1 Day; Instructor-led


This course is designed for Clerks, Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Managers of all levels; and personnel who already know, understand, and want to further enhance their knowledge and practical uses of Microsoft Access


  • Able to maneuver with the mouse – Point, Click, Drag and Double Click
  • Able to understand basic terminology
  • Able to create a database from a template
  • Able to create a Table
  • Able to create a Query with the Wizard
  • Able to sort and filter Data


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Adding a Primary Key to a Table
  • Using Input Masks to control Table data entry
  • Working with Forms


Lesson 1.1: Linking Files      

  • Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Linking to another Database
  • Creating a Hyperlink
  • Inserting an Old Object

Lesson 2.1: Customizing Tables      

  • Understanding Field Properties
  • Adding a Primary Key to a Table
  • Indexing a Field
  • Inserting, Deleting and Moving Fields
  • Importing a Table from Another Source

Lesson 2.2: Formatting Tables        

  • Formatting Number Fields
  • Formatting Text Fields
  • Adding Field Descriptions
  • Changing Field Data Types
  • Adding Captions

Lesson 2.3: Controlling Table Data Entry

  • Setting a Default Value
  • Setting a Required Value
  • Creating and Using Input Masks
  • Creating and Removing Table Relationships

Lesson 2.4: Managing Table Data Entry     

  • How to Validate Data
  • Creating a Lookup Field
  • Modifying a Lookup Field
  • Creating a Value List
  • Modifying a Value List

Lesson 3.1: Basic Form Controls     

  • Adding a Control
  • Using the Control Wizard
  • Cutting, Copying, Pasting and Moving a Control
  • Formatting a Control

Lesson 3.2: Advanced Form Controls         

  • Modifying a Control’s Properties
  • Changing a Control’s Data Source
  • Changing a Control’s Default Value
  • Creating a Calculated Control
  • Using Form Properties

Lesson 3.3: Formatting A Form

  • Formatting Gridlines
  • Modifying the Font
  • Adding Images
  • Using Autoformat

Lesson 4.1: Printing A Database Object     

  • Using the Print Icon
  • Using Print Preview
  • Using Page Setup



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