Established since 1996 with a proven track record and has now grown to become one of the premier providers in the learning gateway.

We provide corporate technology training solutions to businesses of both small to large from programmers to developers to project managers. Although enterprise customers are among our biggest pool, we also extend our services to individual professionals and enthusiasts who look to better themselves with technology skill sets of their choice.

Our thirst for knowledge drives us to seek out and embrace new technologies and certifications, as we truly understand the importance of doing so. As technologies advance it, it leads to the emergence of new innovations which serve to enhance our lives and create opportunities for all. We seek to empower individuals with the expertise to be at the forefront of innovation. For we believe that expertise stems from the fortification of experience with education.

The people

Our group of passionate personnel that does the required ground work to make all of what we do possible.

Eng Seng
Senior Manager

Has been with Sales Department in Info Trek for 2 years. He is a warm-hearted, patient, helpful, friendly, enthusiastic and intellectual person. Besides, he shows passionate towards his work.

Sales Manager

He's the leading manager in our company. Funny, relentless and forward thinking. He leads the entire sales force of the company, and when you need the best sales service; he's the man you go to. Apparently he looks best in all of our corporate photos.

Ashleigh Ng
Marketing Manager

Making us look good, feel good and reaching out to people are her specialty. She heads the Marketing & Design department, developing new ways and methods to deliver a better training experience to our customers. Energetic, fun and always filled with crazy ideas about how things could be. She's also a Lego lover.

May Hew
Senior Manager

She's been with the company for more than 10 years. Her specialty? Delivering great training solution to our customers. Bubbly, determined and cheerful, she has helped the company in acquiring large corporate customers and deliver excellent results in her years of service.

Career with Info Trek
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