Our company

Learn, adapt and change

Getting people to learn is what we do, and learning is an adaptive progress. We want people who love to learn, no matter your age.

The people

We gossip about our colleague and make fun of each other whenever we can. In the end of the day, if you're in trouble, we'll bring the rescue boat. See the team.

The culture

We're lean and flexible. We get the job done the best we could, and treating everyone with respect for the expertise; a must for us.

We live to learn, work to build innovations

Although at the heart of our company is training others to be better and to nurture them with the ability to go beyond themselves, we focus a lot into new possibilities and opportunities that would allow ourselves to grow further.

Technology, allows us to do this.

Over a short period of time, we have managed to change our company's way of executing businesses and operation to better fit itself into the fast moving market. Without doubt we're not perfect, we always believe we will never be perfect; and this is very important. It ensures our workforce to always strive to deliver better of themselves, through the use of new methods, new technologies and new mediums.

What this means ultimately? It means we're always looking for new talents, new methods and new ideas. This also calls for everyone in the company to embrace and always on a learning attitude. Because if you stopped learning, you're very much dead inside.


Microsoft, 2013
Certified Partner of the Year for Learning Solutions
Microsoft, 2007
Outstanding Gesture of Social Responsibilites
Tun Dr. Mahathir, 2004
Best Microsoft Certified Trainer of the Year
Asia Pacific Learning Partner of the Year
Microsoft, 2009
Certified Partner of the Year for Learning Solutions
Rosmah Mansor, 2005
Outstanding Gesture of Social Responsibility
Microsoft, 2001